Saturday, June 9, 2012

How exciting Kenny K is having a DT call!
I have created a couple of new cards and brought out some previously created ones to put up on my blog and enter into this exciting DT call.
Thank you for the great opportunity to possibly work with Kenny K as a DT member.
 Here are some examples of my work. 

This is Devilish Donna.

 Trouble maker with a background stamp that really adds to the look of the card.
Wedding Garter

This card was made using Star and Rock Chick

I made this card for my nephew's 16 th birthday using Teen Idol

An angle view of my card to show the fold of the card.

This was made using Soho. I made the planet myself using a circle for the planet and the rings are made using an oval. I then trimmed the ovals at each end so that the rings looked like they would wrap around the planet. It is all foam squared up to give it the dimension that I wanted.

                                   Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to look.
Thank you once again for the opportunity.


  1. WAhoooooooooooooo doing the happy are so awesome.....Now I will stop bugging you....wonderful job yet again....I just love love love them....wahoooooo!!


  2. GORGEOUS cards Charlene! BEAUTIFUL collection! All the best to you! xx Kathy