Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Umbrella Ducky

Hope your day is going well, and that you are creating or doing something you love to do. It seems lately that when I color an image, something goes wrong in between the finished colored image and the completed card. Like I explained with my fish card and now this one LOL.
I colored this then put glossy accents on the water to give it some depth. While waiting for that to dry I started working on the actual card itself, I had just set it to the side of my scrapbook table for maybe like 5 minutes......when my adult daughter came in to talk and grabbed it to look at it before I could say that it was still really wet. Her finger smeared through the water splashes on the left side of the card, it took me some thinking on how to create my card without actually having to re color the whole image. I originally was going to just cut a square around the image but because of the smear, I cut out the splash drops and cut around the left side of the duck and umbrella. I actually like how this turned out. I have taught card and scrapbooking classes to adults as well as children and have always said....everything is fixable ( for the most part). You can add a flower, sentiment or a embellishment to cover a lot of mistakes. 

 Today I am posting this card I made that is super cute and tons of fun to work with from Miss Daisy Stamps....called Umbrella Ducky. This file comes complete with bonus file sentiments, I have used 2 of them on this card.

 A closer look at my water splashes. my fix job.....LOL
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Have a Ducky day!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Flower Pot Bunny

Good Morning!!

Today the sun is shining and there is a bit of a wind. It's super dry and we sure could use some rain, there seems to be a lot of forest fires flaring up around the province. On Tuesday night I went golfing with my husband, I didn't golf I road around in the golf cart and watched him golf as I'm still on crutches. While we were out on the course a water bomber flew over a couple times and fairly low. They are forecasting rain and I hope we get some to help fire fighter with their jobs. We never had very much snow over the winter so now we are suffering the dryness in the spring.
Speaking of spring,
 I made this super cute card using a fantastic image from Miss Daisy Stamps. This image is called Flower Pot Bunny and was wonderful to work with. I used bright fun spring colors and added some wonderful flowers to welcome in spring. I added a border of paw prints to add the bunny effect. This image comes complete with a bonus file of sentiments as well. Hop over to Miss Daisy Stamps and check out her wonderful digital images.

 To add some extra dimension to  my card I printed to images the same size then grayed out the bottom image pieces that I wanted to pop up. Of course I love sparkle so I added a little shine on the card by adding some stickles.
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Have a Fantastic sunny day!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Catch More Fish

Hi ! Hope your having a fantastic day!!!!
I'm glad to see that you popped back in to check out my newest creation. I had a few creative blocks with this card. I colored the image and it turned out good, but I wanted it to be a "guy" card. So I guess I was being fairly picky, plus I made it for my dad's birthday. All the embellishments didn't fit the way I wanted, I placed more things than I can count on it to see if it fit, but  I was being really critical of everything.  I put gear, metal things etc, etc. I thought I had it and there was just something about it that I didn't like, so I tried to pull of the image....the only time I'm sure that the image was stuck beyond stuck and I couldn't remove it......it torn. So it was a huge redo, I had to recolor the image and redo absolutely everything.  So I re colored the image and redid everything. I'm glad I did cause I really enjoyed doing this card... plus my dad loved it.

I made this card using the image from Miss Daisy Stamps called Catch More Fish that also comes with a bonus file with sentiments, you should check it out. I also made this card for a family reunion auction item, I got a great response from all the men that were there.

 a close up of the end of the hook, I actually went shopping and added a fly hook to give it the dimension and added a smear of pearl accents to give the fish the glow that they have.
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pretty Petals 2

Welcome back!!!
I realize that I haven't posted anything in quite some time. Well as it happened I went on a little vacation in January to Costa Rica.....beautiful place by the way.  A couple days before we were due to come home we were walking on a path to go back to our condo after supper and I rolled over on my ankle. I still had to walk quite a ways farther, I happened to roll over on my ankle again and then fell. Long story short...... I walked on my foot for a few days until we got home. Went to the hospital and well I had a broken foot. So the doctor put me on crutches and I got a cast.
 As it turns out  9 1/2 weeks later and I'm still on crutches and have the cast, apparently my foot wants to take it's time to heal. This has been super frustrating and kind of got me depressed, I never realized how hard it is on crutches to do day to day stuff when your not allowed to put any weight on your foot. Right from cooking supper, cleaning and crafting.  I am usually pretty active  but since this I havent been able to go for walks, drive, or  go to work. So it's taking me some time to get out of the slump that I was in and to be motivated enough to craft again.
 But I am being productive and have created some cards using some pretty great images from Miss Daisy Stamps.
The following card is made using an Image called Pretty Petals 2.

I made this card as a birthday card and gave it to my mother-in-law for her 75 th birthday. Very fitting for a lady that love flowers.

 I added a bit of stickles to give the flowers a bit of shine.
 I made the side of the card with a step to give it some dimension.
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