Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Playful Dino

Good Morning!

Well it is here anyways the sun is actually shining today. I have been a little to busy to be able to actually enjoy it, but none the less it's beautiful here. I guess in the evenings I do enjoy it, cause I have to chocolate labs.  They are 12 years old so not into more than actually being with you but after they get there supper, ......It's walk time. They wont leave you alone until they get a walk that seems to be the highlight of their day. Even if you don't feel like it  they push you and bug until you do feel like it LOL!  But none the less I love them to bits and the walk is good for me right!
So today on my blog I am featuring an image 
This file comes with 6 images and they are all way to cute. I picked this image with
 the flower cause well he's way to cute and I thought with the great spring weather there will be flowers popping up soon. I never did any popped up pieces on this card but I did make a stamping border around the outside of the green paper to give a bit of a different look to my card. This card is a bit simpler than I normal create but I think that It make my colored image stand out a bit more.

Thank you for stopping by again 
 and I hope to see you next week. 
Have a fantastic day in anything you choose to do today!

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